60 Years of Iconic Fashion Photographs

We are very pleased that Terence Donovan images will be exhibited as part of Gallery Vassie’s group exhibition of exceptional fashion photography from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Coinciding with the Swinging Sixties London exhibition at Foam Amsterdam, this exhibition charts the development of fashion photography through the greater part of the last century.

Covering sixty years, the exhibition illustrates the journey that fashion photography has taken: from the elegance of the 1930s, to the austerity fashions of World War Two and the post-war period, on to the emergence of iconoclastic youth culture of the 1960s and finally the supermodel as icon in the 1980s.

A selection of Donovan images will be shown alongside photographs by his friend, Brian Duffy, contemporaries Eric Swayne and Phillip Townsend as well as predecessors such as Lartigue, Lee Miller and Norman Parkinson amongst others.

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